F. A. Q.

How do you secure online payments?

We are partnered with one of the best and largest online payment gateway company in order to offer a secured payment solution.

Will I be charged sales tax on my order?

We currently do not charge tax or VAT to our cusstomer.

Can my billing and shipping addresses be different?

Yes, your billing address can be different from your shipping address.
During the checkout process, you will first be asked to enter your billing address. However, your billing address must match the address associated with the credit card that you are using to complete your purchase. You will then be asked to enter the shipping address, which corresponds to your office or accommodation address in the United Kingdom.

What are the shipping fees?

A £9.99 fee will be charged for the delivery of orders.

When will my order be delivered?

We always aim to have your mifi pacakge arrive at your accommodation 1 to 2 days before your actual start of hire date (if you order in advance). If you place a last minute order, we would aim to get the package to you as soon as possible. For urgent delivery, packages are normally sent using a next day (24 hour) delivery service.

How can I track my package?

A tracling ;ink and code can be provided to you if required.

How can I receive information on promotions, special offers and discount coupons?

Subscribe to our Newsletter to receive information on the latest trends, new arrivals, special offers and sale announcements. You will find the link on our homepage or under “My Account”.

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