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4G Mifi internet device Hire

Price: From: £8.99


  • WiFi Internet Hotspot device (comes with rechargable battery, with charger)
  • wifi connection username and password
  • Device is powered by the UK’s largest mobile internet 3G & 4G network service provider
  • 6000MB data (Equivalent to sharing over 5000 images on Facebook or Twitter) for 8 or more days hire, 2000MB data download for 1-7 days rental
  • use it on the go, in-doors,outside,on the train or even while in a bus/car
  • connects up to Ten (10) WiFi-enabled devices simultaneous
  • Device is Wireless, so there's no need for a USB port while using the device
  • Lighter than the average mobile phone (less than 30g in weight), so it can fit into your pocket
  • Battery last for 23 hours if not used continuesly, and 4 hours if used non-stop


Product Description

Size: 123mm x 58.5mm x 14 mm
Weight: less than 50 g
Devic Speed/Data Rate: LTE downlink 100Mbps; Uplink 50Mbps
Display: LED light
Battery: 1500mAh,
If switched off when not in use: last for 23 hours before needing re-charge
Number of device that can Connect at the same time to the device: Up to 10 simultaneous users/devices

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